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Akananuru: Marutham – Poem 16

அகநானூறு – மருதம் – 16.

Akananuru – The Akam Four Hundred (3 Volumes)

Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirapalli, 1999.

(The heroine speaks to her husband who returns home after a visit to his hetaera)

My lord, our son is adorned with golden bangles whose charm attracts everyone;

His spotless palms are like the inner petals of the lotus flower

That flourishes in the midst of the very ancient pond where flourish otters;

His mouth is red as ruby and his sweet prattle evoked great fun

As it does not conform to rules of speech; He stood all alone in the street

Pulling his toy-car, when your young hetaera with her sharp teeth,

Approached him in love since he resembled you.

Assured of the absence of by-standers, she took him in her arms saying,

“O my dear life! Come to me!”, and stood holding him

Close to her tender bosom adorned with golden jewels.

I watched her standing at a distance but did not move from where I stood

And then moved to her and on a sudden, hugged her and invited her to our home saying:

“O flawless young girl! Why are you so bewildered? You too are a mother to him!”

When she blushed and dropped her head down and stood scratching the ground with her toe

Like a thief who pleaded guilty of larceny when caught red-handed.

My lord! Did I not take pity on her, your favorite girl- as chaste as celestial Aruntati -,

And treat her with affection deeming her fit to be the mother of your son?

Why do you lie and pretend ignorant?

Poet – Cakalacanar.

Translated by A. Dakshinamurthy


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