Natrinai: Neythal – Poem 172


(The companion of the heroine speaks importuning the hero to wed the heroine soon.)

Oh chief of a littoral domain

Where in the sweet-watered ford,

The right-whorled and white conch-shells

Sound sweetly like the Vilari tune*

Of the newly arrived musicians.

Our mother spoke at length,

The greatness of the Punnai tree thus:

“My friends and myself, when we were young,

Sported in the sandy beach;

Then, we forgot altogether of the ripe seed of Punnai,

Which we buried in the white sand;

Later, it grew into a young plant

Which we nurtured with love,

Feeding it with ghee and milk!

So the Punnai tree is your elder sister,

Sweeter far than you yourself!”

So chief, we feel embarrassed

To sport with you beside it.

Should you consent,

There are other trees with rich shades

Where we can sport!

–                      Anonymous

* Vilari – One of the seven musical notes.

The seven musical notes of Ancient Tamil music are as follows:

Kural , Uttam, Kaikilai, Ulay, Ili, Vilari, Vilari.




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