Natrinai: Palai – Poem 284

(The hero speaks to himself when he is in a foreign land in quest of riches)

My beloved is the one
who won my heart for her.
She has dark tresses which hang low on her back;
Her eyes, adorned with collyrium,
Glow like a pair of Neythal blooms;
They have cool brows;
My heart goads me to rush towards my home
And relieve her of her pangs of separation
While my intellect urges me thus:
“To leave unaccomplished
An endeavor undertaken,
Is ignorance, besides being
Cause for disgrace!
May you weigh the relative merits
And act accordingly.
Do not act in haste!”
Alas, what will betide of my poor body?
Is it destined to perish
Even like an old rope
Of worn-out strands
Whose ends are pulled
From opposite directions
By two elephants of upturned and glittering tusks?

–          Teypuri Palankayirrinar.
–          Translated by A.Dakshinamurthy.


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