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Natrinai: Mullai – Poem 69

From The Natrinai Four Hundred

International Institute of Tamil Studies, Chennai, 2000.


நற்றிணை, முல்லைத்திணை பாடல் 69.


(The heroine speaks when she is informed of her lover’s proposal to part from her.)

Poet – Senthanputhanar.


The multi-rayed sun has retired to the lofty mountain

After having shone all through the day,

And merciless evening has set in;

The birds rushed toward their nests where their fledglings abide;

The fleshy necked bucks in the wood

Embrace their loving mates; the Mullai buds blow;

The Kantal flowers unfold and glow like lamps;

The clear tinkling of the bells

Which adorn the necks of the lovely and lordly cows,

Mingles with the sweet melody

Of the cow herds with crooked staves.

Will this dolorous evening hour pervade,

The region of our lover’s sojourn too?

If it does, our lover cannot bear to abide there,

Any longer with a heart craving return.

Translated by A.Dakshinamurthy


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