Kuruntokai – 47. Kurinji

(The confidante of the heroine addresses the moon when the hero stands nearby during night tryst)

O moon white and long-glowing!
You favour not the clandestine love of our man
who visits here by midnight, braving the forest,
where a boulder, covered with fallen flowers
of the black-trunked Venkai tree
appears like a huge tiger-cub!

– Neduvennilavinar

குறுந்தொகை: 47. குறிஞ்சி

கருங்கால் வேங்கை வீயுகு துறுகல்
இரும்புலிக் குருளையிற் றோன்றுங் காட்டிடை
எல்லி வருநர் களவிற்கு
நல்லை யல்லை நெடுவெண்ணிலவே.
– நெடுவெண்ணிலவினார்

(இராவந்தொழுகுங்காலை முன்னிலைப் புறமொழியாக நிலாவிற்கு உரைப்பாளாகத் தோழி உரைத்தது.)


Kuruntokai: Invocation

Lord Murugan
The lovely feet of Lord Murugan¹

Are verily a pair of ruddy lotus-blooms;
His body is coral-red and His apparel is radiantly red
Like the Kunri seed;
Wielding his spear, long and beautiful,
He split open a mountain’s heart.²
Under the protection of that Lord,
Whose flag sports the signum of a bantam
This world enjoys blissful days!

¹ The presiding deity of the hilly tract

² The Krouñcam hill

Poet Paratam Patiya Peruntevanar
Translated by Dr. A. Dakshinamurthy
KURUNTOKAI – An Anthology of Classical Tamil Poetry,
Vetrichelvi Publishers, 2007

கடவுள் வாழ்த்து

தாமரை புரையுங் காமர் சேவடிப்
பவழத் தன்ன மேனித் திகழொளிக்
குன்றி யேய்க்கும் உடுக்கைக் குன்றின்
நெஞ்சுபக எறிந்த அஞ்சுடர் நெடுவேற்
சேவலங் கொடியோன் காப்ப
ஏம வைகல் எய்தின்றால் உலகே.
-பாரதம் பாடிய பெருந்தேவனார்.

Kuruntokai: Poem 3


Vaster than the earth, loftier than the heavens
And deeper than the ocean is my kinship
With the chief of a hilly domain
Where the bees store abundant honey,
Having buzzed the dark-stalked kurinci flowers!

(Poet- Tevakulattar)
– Translation by A. Dakshinamurthy

நிலத்தினும் பெரிதே வானினும் உயர்ந்தன்று
நீரினும் ஆரள வின்றே சாரல்
கருங்கோற் குறிஞ்சிப் பூக்கொண்டு
பெருந்தேன் இழைக்கும் நாடனொடு நட்பே.

Kurunthokai: Poem 93

(The heroine refuses to consent to the confidante who comes as a messenger from the hero)

My friend,
We may lose our goodly feminine charm;
The great beauty may fade and cease to be;
We may even lose our sweet life.
Do no utter sympathetic words to him.
Is he not like our father and mother?
To what avail is sulking with such a man
Who is indifferent?

–      Poet Allur Nanmullaiyar
–      Translated by A.Dakshinamurthy

Kurunthokai Poem 126

குறுந்தொகை பாடல் 126.

(The Heroine speaks to her friend at the advent of the season)

“With scant regard for the joys of youth
He left from here seeking his fortune.
He has not yet come back!
Where could he be now?”
When thus we are worried,
The season of rain, cool and fragrant,
With its assemblage of buds,
Of the rain-fed mullai vines
Serving as its glittering teeth
Laughs at us!

–          Poet Okkur Macatti
–          Translated by A.Dakshinamurthy.


Kurunthokai Poem 151

(The hero speaks to this heart that urged him to go in search of riches)

It will be the very end of my youth,
Should I decide to leave my unforgettable beloved here
And tread unmindful, the hazardous and narrow path amidst hills.
It is a path, where a red-legged Vanka hen*
Which got separated from its loving mate
Very often calls out in short intervals
In its flute-sweet voice
Fearing that her mate might have been lifted away
And eaten by a pouncing kite.

— Tunkalori
* A kind of wild bird.

Kurunthokai Poem 150

(The heroine speaks to her friend who promised to arrange night tryst with the hero.)

Should I think of the chest
Smeared with sandal cream
Of the chief of a high mountain
Where the torches of fire with fragrant smoke,
Held by the hillsmen, who watch their fields
From the high lofts,
Shine like the heavenly stars, here and there.
My passion of love is on the ascendant.
How is it that it dies away the moment I embrace it?

— Matalur Kilar.

Kurunthokai Poem 149

(The heroine speaks to her friend who encouraged her to elope with her lover)

Our modesty had long suffered with us;
Displaying maximum forbearance.
Alas, now it has given way,
Even like the small sandy dike in the field
Where the white-flowered sugarcanes grow-,
That gets eroded by the force of flowing water!

– Poet Vellivitiyar
– Translated by A.Dakshinamurthy.

Kurunthokai Poem 311

My friend!
There is chance none for the slander to cease
Whether I had seen or not
The dinsome chariot which fled non-stop,
Despite the control of the charioteer,
Our friends who plucked the blooms,
Glittering and pollen-rich
Of the punnai trees thriving on high white sand dunes
With low-hanging boughs, during mid-day
Had seen it when it fled through
The sinking ford of the vast sea.

Poet – Centan Kiran
Translated by A.Dakshinamurthy.

Kurunthokai Poem 310

(The heroine speaks to the companion when the hero extends the courting period.)

The birds chirp
And the flowers have folded up;
The groves along the beach are desolate.
The sun having set,
The sky too, even like ourselves is confused
And has turned dismal.
If we are lucky to have somebody to fare forth to the chief
Of the cool ford, rich in the nalal trees, cool and fragrant,
And let him know of our present plight,
I will still hold my life!

–Translated by A.Dakshinamurthy.