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Natrinai: Mullai – Poem 69

From The Natrinai Four Hundred

International Institute of Tamil Studies, Chennai, 2000.


நற்றிணை, முல்லைத்திணை பாடல் 69.


(The heroine speaks when she is informed of her lover’s proposal to part from her.)

Poet – Senthanputhanar.


The multi-rayed sun has retired to the lofty mountain

After having shone all through the day,

And merciless evening has set in;

The birds rushed toward their nests where their fledglings abide;

The fleshy necked bucks in the wood

Embrace their loving mates; the Mullai buds blow;

The Kantal flowers unfold and glow like lamps;

The clear tinkling of the bells

Which adorn the necks of the lovely and lordly cows,

Mingles with the sweet melody

Of the cow herds with crooked staves.

Will this dolorous evening hour pervade,

The region of our lover’s sojourn too?

If it does, our lover cannot bear to abide there,

Any longer with a heart craving return.

Translated by A.Dakshinamurthy



Akananuru: Mullai – Poem 4

அகநானூறு, முல்லைத்திணை, பாடல் 4.

From Akananuru – The Akam Four Hundred (3 Volumes)

Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirapalli, 1999.

(The heroine’s companion consoles her friend at the advent of the
rainy season)

The rumbling clouds winged with lightning

Poured amain big drops of rain and augured the rainy season;

Buds with pointed tips  have sprouted in the jasmine vines;

The buds of Illam and the green trunk Kondrai have unfolded soft;

The stags, their black and big horns like twisted iron

Rushed up toward the pebbled pits filled with water

And leap out jubilantly having slaked their thirst;

The wide expansive Earth is now free

From all agonies of the summer heat

And the forest looks exceedingly sweet;

Behold there O friend of choicest bangles!

Our hero of the hilly track will be coming eftsoon,

Driving fast his ornate chariot drawn by the steeds

With waving plumes and trimmed manes

When the stiffly tugged reins

Will sound like the strumming of Yal.

As he drives, he has the chariot bells tied up

So as not to disturb the union of bees

That live on the pollen of the blossoms in the bushes.

He rushes onward thinking all along of your great beauty.

O friend whose fragrance is like unto the blossoming Kantal

On the mountain, tall and huge,east of Urantai of dinsome festivity!

Translated by A.Dakshinamurthy


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