A short bio

Dakshinamurthy Ayyaswami (b. 1938) is a professor of Tamil, with over three decades of collegiate teaching service. A renowned writer, editor, researcher, orator, commentator and translator of Tamil literature—he is a man of many parts. Besides being an acknowledged authority on the Classical Tamil corpus, especially the Sangam literature, he is also a pioneer in the field of translation of the same. He is the first scholar to offer the complete translation of the Akananuru (1999) and the six Akam books of the Patinenkilkanakku division (2010). By his sustained efforts since the 1980s, he has for the first time, achieved the English translations of 19 Classical Tamil Texts. He has to his credit, 4 scholarly books in Tamil, including a commentary to the Sangam Classic, Ainkurunuru, the English translations of 31 Tamil books—19 classical, 3 medieval, 9 modern—, and several research papers in Tamil and English, which are original contributions to Tamilology, throwing new light on aspects of history, grammar, culture and literature of the Tamils. He is the author of the acclaimed book in Tamil, “Thamizhar Nagarikamum Panpadum(1973), popular among the Tamils for over 44 years. He is the recipient of the Indian President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Classical Tamil, the Tolkappiar Viruthu(2015)

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