Prof.A.DakshinamurthyDr. A. Dakshinamurthy is a professor of Tamil, research scholar, writer and a translator of Sangam, medieval and modern Tamil literature into English. He has the credit of translating the maximum number of ancient Tamil literature into English. He has published translations of 19 ancient Tamil classics which include 13 Sangam anthologies  and 6 books from the Patinenkilkanakku division.

Dr. A. Dakshinamurthy’s translation of Akananuru, published in the year 1999 is the first complete translation of the Sangam Classic. His Natrinai translation is the first faithful translation of the anthology, as per the Central Institute of Classical Tamil. His Kuruntokai translation(2007) is the second complete translation after that of David Luden and Shanmugampillai in 1976. After J. V. Chellaih  who translated Pattuppattu in 1946, it is  Dr. A. Dakshinamurthy  who has the credit of translating the entire Anthology in lucid prose in the year 2012 . He is the first to translate six books from Patinenkilkkannakku division namely, Karnarpatu, Ainthinai Aimpathu, Aintinai Elupathu, Tinaimoli Aimpathu, Tinaimalai Nurraimpatu and Kainnilai.

He has also translated seven narrative poems of the poet Bharathidasan namely Sancheevi Paruvatthin Saral, Puratchikavi, Kathala Kadamaya, Kadal Mel Kumizhikal, Thamizhachiyin Katthi, Irunda Veedu and Nalla Theerppu. He is the first to translate the above works into English.  He has authored several Tamil books on the history and culture of Tamilnadu namely Thamizhar Nagarikamum Panpaadum, Sanga Ilakkiyangal Unarthum Manitha Uravugal and Tamizhiyar Sindhanaigal. He is the author of two books of commentaries to Sangam classics namely Ainkurunuru and Paripadal.

Translations of Purananuru, Pathitruppathu, Naladiyar, Thirikadukam, Inna Narpathu, Iniyavai Narpathu, Kalavazhi Narpathu, Naanmanik Kadigai, Thirukkural, Muthollayiram, Vaakundaam Nal Vazhi and Thiruvampaavai are all ready for publication. His goal is to accomplish translating the entire collection of Tamil classical literature into English.

He had his initiation and growth in Tamil studies under Tamil luminaries like Dr. T. P. Meenakshi Sundaram and Mahavidwan S. Dhandapani Desikar. He served as a teacher for 33 years in various institutions in Tamil Nadu, retiring in 1996 as the principal of the Senthamil Arts College, Madurai Tamil Sangam, Madurai.

This blog is dedicated to his service to the Tamil language. To learn more about him, please go through the various sections of the blog.

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